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Suzhou Lingyan Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.

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Our company established in 1987, and reformed into limited company in 2004.We occupied 27000m2 in the land with 18000m2 for the building. Including 10000m2 of 105 class clean workshop, 500m2 of center test-room, 800m2 of sterilization workshop and 1500m2 office.
We established and maintained the quality management system of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and implement strictly the standards for the respects of management responsibility, resource management, products implement to ensure long-term excellent...
Products List

disposable injection needles
edta blood collection tubes
pet blood collection tubes
pen type iv catheters
iv catheter with injection port
heparin cap
syringe infusion pump
disposable infusion pump
pen type i.v. catheter cannula
vacuum blood collection tube
i.v. catheter cannula
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Company: Suzhou Lingyan Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Zoe Cao
Address: No. 99 Maopeng Rd
Tel: 86-21-31750750
Fax: 86-21-31750750
Homepage: www.cctvlook.com

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